Drew Ripley & Captain Crazy

Captain Crazy is roaming the Festival from 8- 11 PM -look up to see him!

Building a life out of balloons was not the original plan, yet as a full-time artist, Drew has discovered a medium that can stir the emotions and create the unexpected. Ideally, every piece will create a positive memorable reaction. While his art focuses on the balloons, technology rigging, and acting skills are required to create the most difficult projects. As an entertainer, his desire is to leave a sense of whimsy and delight with the audience.

Created in 2009, Drew operates an entertainment company that specializes in one-of-a-kind Balloon Art, Décor, and Entertainment. He uses his finely tuned balloon skills to create one of a kind balloon shows, costumes and displays. His talents have led him to several major projects in Canada, the USA, Qatar, and even Israel. These one of a kind projects are designed for major events and typically use a minimum of 40,000 balloons.

King Street (Young to Ontario)
King Street (Ontario to Queen)