What's On 2019


I will take your Queen!

Enjoy playing chess with new friends and old friends. The pieces are Super Size, but the game is the same.

Move a piece, or two, stay as long as you want.

Stop in and  Chit Chat with Todd. 

Listen on his chats with artists or stop by and share what you think of Summer Lights Festival.

Hand made super size Connect 4!  A great game for everyone to play and the real fund is in the dump.


Handmade/painted wooden signs, pillows, purses, wallets, card holders, jewelry, tumblers, growth charts, welcome porch signs, mugs, tote bags, key holders, lanyards, candles, wax melts - all handmade

Get to know the vendor:


Creator of creatures, master of making, Drew is a happy inventor often up late at night, just to make a performance prop that will make the world a little happier.

Authentic Mexican food

Authentic Mexican

Shake it like a Polaroid!

Exclusive Vibez will be mixing up, live music, dance class, live artists for everyone to soak in.

Bath bombs and other bath goodies for all ages and skin types. Something for everyone!

Get to know the vendor:

Lisa is a mother of three beautiful children who started her small business when she decided she wanted to be home more with my children.


The aim of this game is to use the control knobs to move the ball into the opponent’s goal. Fooseball is known to bring out the competitive tiger, and fun times.

Support SLF|buy something yummeh

Freezies (jumbo)+Rubber Bands+Popcorn+limited Edition Tshirts=Great way to support the Summer Lights Festival.


Small batch ice cream, vegan ice cream and sorbets. 

Cold freezes for sale!

P.S. All monies made from the sale of freezes-help make Summer Lights Festival happen!

Surf on in!

The Grand Surf Lounge is a new tiki bar in Kitchener that aims to offer an escape.

Check out The Grand Surf Lounge while attending Summer Lights.

On Ontario St-Ontario and King-can't miss it

Downtown Kitchener

Great Soul Food and Cocktails

We don't take reservations in the evening, we are first come first serve. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a lunch reservation request, an inquiry about larger groups, private booking, or catering.

Downtown Kitchener
Line up your hearts-under the stars!

Step right up and make a line with hearts and stars. We turned this well loved game of Xs and Os into a supersize version with large tiles.

Hula hooping is not only a great workout for your abs, but it's a great way to have fun and impress your friends.

Grab one, two or three and Hula.