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Want to get married?

On June 9th 2018, during the festival, one lovely couple will say their vows in an outdoor wedding ceremony. We have an entire hub, Charlie West, that will be transformed into an outdoor wedding with programming that is all about "share the love".

It's easy, no cost to share your story and there is an amazing package for the couple.

The Wedding Package

The couple chosen to get maried at Summer Lights Festival receives an amazing wedding package in collaboration with The Berlin, The Walper, and The Kitchener Waterloo Symphony.


  • Tickets for the inlaws at Kitchener Waterloo Symphony
  • Lunch with the Mayor of Kitchener (Berry Vrbanovich)
  • All the bells/whistles for an outdoor wedding (chairs, tables, decorations…)
  • Entertainement: Music, dance floor
  • Master of Ceremonies: Brenda Halloran
  • Dual membership for THEMUSEUM for one year

Questions? We have answers.

Can anyone apply?

Applicants, should be age of majority, live in Waterloo Region and want to get married.

Can we invite guests come to our wedding dinner?

Yes, The Berlin has generously offered to provide dinner for ten people, if you would like to invite others there will be a cost.

Can we decide on the theme for the decorations?

No, the wedding is part of Charlie West Hub and the theme is Share Your Love.

Can we have a wedding party (bridesmaids/groomsmen)?

Yes, you can make arrangements to curate a wedding party that will be part of the ceremony.

Can we have input on how the wedding ceremony flows?

Yes, you will work with a wedding coordinator who will work with the team on the flow.

Can we have our own officiante, spiritual guide and/or Master of Ceremony?

Unfortunately, no.

Can we invite our friends and family?

Absolutely, we will save some special spots for them at the ceremony.

Can we stay downtown Kitchener overnight in a hotel room?

Yes, The Walper has generously donated two rooms for the night of your wedding and additional rooms at a special rate.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply.

I have some more questions before I submit, who should I contact?

Please email

If I have any other questions, who should I contact?

Is the are where the wedding takes place accessible?


Is The Walper Hotel accessible?


Is there a cost if we are chosen?

No, the wedding is made possible by the partners on this project

Is there a cost to submit an application/share our story?

No, the wedding is made possible by the partners on this project

Is there a wedding cooridinator?

Yes, you will have a "representative" who will work with you on how this will flow on your special day.

Is this a legal wedding?

Yes, it's official. All paperwork will be filed, and it's 100% real.

Is this an outdoor wedding?

Yes, it will be beautiful, there will be lights, chairs, decorations and your community sharing your love.

What exact time do we get married?

You get to decide the exact hour on June 09th between 8pm-1am. We will dedicate 1 hour for your ceremony.

What happens if we break up prior to the wedding?

This is unfortunate, let's chat….

What is the wedding package?

Look up!

What is we can't make it for the June 09th, 2018?

This is a fixed date, time, location and unable to accommodate any requests.

What will the ceremony be like?

We will work with you to create a beautiful experience that is a reflection of both of you.

When will we be notified if we are chosen?

February 14th, 2018 we will announce the couple

When will we get maried?

Saturday, June 09th 2018 (between 8pm-12am)

Where is our wedding dinner being held, is it accessible?

The Berlin has some areas that are accessible, advance notice to book these are required.

Where will we get married?

Downtown Kitchener, Charlie West Hub, outside of City Hall

Who is involved in this project at Summer Lights Festival?

The Berlin, The Walper, Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, and Summer Lights Festival

Who will marry us?

The former Mayor of Waterloo Brenda Halloran

Will there be a first dance for the couple?

Yes, and opprotunities for other special traditions.

Will there be music?

Yes, there will be live music and a dance floor.

Will we be having a wedding dinner?

Abosultely, The Berlin has special plans for you and 8 guests for dinner the day of.

Will we choose the time to get married on June 09th 2018?

Yes, we will work with to choose an hour between 8pm-12am that works for everyone.

Will we have a session with a wedding photographer?

Yes, BMKH Photography will capture your special day with 1 hour photo session the day of the wedding

Will we have a special spot to get ready for the special moment?

Yes, you will have your hotel rooms  and a secret spot at City Hall

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