Hubs and Happenings 2014 - Art Parc

Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery inside and out. Gallery open late, LIVE social media wall, music, art installations make this the place to chill, be active and take in great work! Follow the lights and come be part of Art Parc.



Civic Polis, Art Parc, Corners


EventPeeks LIVE Social Media Wall-Check It Out by being part of it! #SLFKW or by sharing your vine videos. See it all LIVE at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, in the Rotunda of Kitchener City Hall, or at the Kitchener Waterloo Public Art Gallery. Connect and Share the Love!

Check out the LIVE social media wall.


Civic Polis, Art Parc, Corners, Le Village, Square 2.0

The LUXE Bus

CHC Realty | @LuxeWaterloo | Facebook

Jump on The Luxe Bus for a free ride between Kitchener and Waterloo! Sit back, relax, and listen to some live music while you're transported between the Summer Lights Festival Hubs! Brought to you by CHC Student Housing, the owners of Waterloo's premier student housing buildings, Luxe I & II. Bus leaves Civic Polis (at King and College in Kitchener) and Square 2.0 (King at Willis Way in Waterloo) every half an hour starting at 8:30pm. Last pick-up is at 1:30am. *Last bus leaving for Art Parc/KWAG departs at 12:30am.

Stops include:

  • Civic Polis (King and College)
  • Art Parc (KWAG)
  • Le Village (Princess at Regina)
  • Corners (Erb and Carolyn)
  • Square 2.0 (King at Willis Way)

Click here to download a map of the Luxe Bus route (PDF)



Art Parc, Le Village

Birch - Classic Rock, Reimagined

Birch | @birchtheband | Facebook

Birch makes old favourites new again through powerfully elegant female vocals and an energized acoustic sound.

Discover Birch at Summer Lights Festival - they'll ignite the night, your heart, and your pants with classic rock. Trust us.

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Art Parc

The NUMUS Improv Ensemble

NUMUS | @numusconcerts | Facebook

The NUMUS Improv Ensemble will be taking audience requests and creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces for you! Based on 'Whose Line is it Anyway's" 'Scenes from a Hat" concept, the ensemble will take your ideas, whether they be people, places, animals, stories, or anything else you can imagine, and will turn your ideas into original pieces created on the spot. Don't have an idea to give our ensemble? Come up and conduct them instead! No experience required!


Art Parc

Cultured Pallets

Soheila Esfahani | Facebook

Sohelia Esfahani invites the public to create their own stencils and decorate shipping pallets using various designs. In her installations, Esfahani often incorporates decorated shipping pallets, which metaphorically serve as objects of holding. These pallets are ready to move in-between and cross boundaries of places and cultures by being in a state of permanent transit. Cultured Pallets series are transient installations which grow out of Esfahani’s ongoing process of marking shipping pallets with an email address ( and a variety of collected motifs and designs. The cultured pallets are then sent back into circulation.


Art Parc

Art Inspires

Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery | @kwartgallery | Facebook

Make your mark at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery! Leave behind your answer to the question "What Inspires You?" Draw, write, doodle, perform your inspiration and add it to our collaborative Post-it Note project, make a button for the road, hit the streets with chalk drawing, and take in our exhibitions, Extraordinary Folk and Intuitive Vision, which will be open all night long. Stop in for some food from the Yeti Cafe and a beverage, too!


Art Parc

The Tower by Samuel Roy-Bois

CAFKA - Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area | @_CAFKA | Facebook

Samuel Roy-Bois (Vancouver), The Tower is a car collision with an 8 metre high rise building model.

Part of CAFKA's It Should Always Be This Way exhibition.


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Respecting the Process

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Chalkthoughts is striving to provide high quality chalk art photos and to inspire people of all ages to “create art anywhere”. Look for Chalkthoughts during the festival and don't forget to submit your Chalkthoughts.

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