What's Happening 2015

Looking for photos of Summer Lights Festival 2015? Check out snaps from Brent Wettlaufer and Al Doerksen.

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

UW Improv

UW Improv makes everything up completely on the spot... and that's exactly the point. Improv is all about working as a team to create a new story and a new world, based on suggestions from our fabulous audience. No two performances are ever the same!

UW Improv Club | Facebook

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St


ACE is University of Waterloo's premiere open co-ed a cappella group. We pride ourselves on having a diverse mix of passionate singers who just simply love to sing and have a good time with each other. As the largest group on campus, we like to use our big sound to entertain audiences through our dramatic, fun, and unique arrangements at various gigs and at the uWaterloo A Cappella Club End of Term Concerts .

City Centre Stage 10:30pm-11pm

@uwaterlooace | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

Tri-City Roller Derby Showoff

We are a skater-run, flat-track roller derby league based out of Waterloo Region, Ontario. As of December, 2010 we are also a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

For more than five years now, we've been taking the track by storm, facing off against teams from across Canada and the U.S. As our new season approaches, we're gearing up for an even bigger and better year with more bouts, more skaters and more kick ass derby action!

Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, combining a unique mix of athletics, creativity and comradery. There are established leagues in nearly every major city in Canada including London, Hamilton, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Tri-City Roller Derby

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

Boathouse Stage

On King St between College and Water.

8pm - Exclusive Vibez

9pm - Errol Francis

10pm - The Acabellas

10:30pm - UW ACE

11pm - UW Improv

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

Exclusive Vibez

Exclusive Vibez is a Latin jazz band with young talented musicians, with a passion to compose music. With fun rhythms to listen and dance too, Exclusive Vibez brings the sound of Latin American Cuban music to the tri city.

Facebook | YouTube

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

The Ragged Suits

The Ragged Suits is a three-piece band from Waterloo. Their sound is a combinnation of the raggedness of 70's rock and punk music along with a well tailored sound and soul of the blues.


6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

The Hep Cat 7 Swing Jazz Band

The swing jazz band started as a few members of the jazz dance and music community gettinger together to jam weekly but has grown into much more. The band formed in April 2013 and now focuses on studying and playing swing jazz and blues music for dancers.

Hep Cat Hoppers | @hepcathoppers | Facebook | YouTube

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

Community Couch

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget the people around us. How often do you strike up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store, or say hello to someone you pass on the street? The people around us might be strangers, but they all have stories to tell and contributions to make to our lives, if only we’d offer them space in which to do so. The Community Couch brings people together to share moments. That’s it. And it could be wonderful, awkward or just something new. 

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

Chips for Tips

Bread Baron will be busking with a suitcase drumset on King St. and offering bags of vegetable chips as a snack for a PWYC (pay what you can) donation.

Bread Baron | @bre4dbaron | Facebook

6 ) KING ST - College St to Water St

Errol Starr Francis (A Peace Troubadour)

A conscious diverse crossing of culture, acoustic, danceable, devotional, divine, funky, rocking, hippie reggae stylings. Plenty of pleasing sounds, all with a peaceful loving vibration.