What's Happening 2015

Looking for photos of Summer Lights Festival 2015? Check out snaps from Brent Wettlaufer and Al Doerksen.

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Pout and Palette Photo Booth

Communitech brings together startups Palette and Pout to host a photo booth!

At the former Entertaining Elements

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Safe as Houses

Elliot Anton - vocals, guitar, mandolin /// Andrew Laughton - vocals, guitar, piano /// Bensen Carter - vocals, bass, cello /// Thomas Laughton - drums, vocals /// Lauren Taylor - violin, viola

Safe as Houses 

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Volleyball Under the Stars

Come meet new friends in the court, play in the sand and have fun in Bobby O'Briens volleyball court. *Accessible by King St

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

City Centre Stage

One of the coolest installations this year - check out the inside of the City Centre condominium model home for a full slate of musicians.

8pm - Katy Warren

9pm - Rebekah Stevens

10pm - Andrew Maranta

11pm - Juneyt

12pm - The Acabellas

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

King Street Stage - Under the Skies

The King Street Stage is near King and Young in front of the former Entertaining Elements.

8:30pm - Safe as Houses

9pm - Michael Elg

10pm - Music is My Weapon Youth Performers

10:30pm - The Woods

11pm - UW ACE

11:30pm - UW Ballroom

12pm - Jessie Trenner

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Maker Expo Hands-On Fun and Promo Booth

Crowd Sourced Crafting: Making Paper Fans

Learn to make a simple paper craft fan, and help us add to our collection to be used as Maker Expo decor.


Light Up Doodle Jar Make & Take activity

Assemble your own LED powered badge, doodle a fun thing inside your jar, and wear it proudly around SLF! Free to the first 200 makers!


At the former Entertaining Elements


Maker Expo is a diverse, family-friendly showcase of makers, artists & organizations who create amazing things in celebration of the do-it-yourself spirit. Mark your calendars: Maker Expo comes to Kitchener City Hall on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015.

Maker Expo | @makerexpo | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Kwartzlab Makerspace

Kwartzlab is a membership-driven technology & arts-oriented community workshop (or: maker space) aimed to foster a creative, co-operative community with a wide range of disciplines. Our ultimate goal is the pooling of knowledge, experience and physical resources to enable anyone, regardless of background, to bring their own ideas and projects into reality.

Kwartzlab is bringing a range of member projects to display as awell as a 3D printer which will be running throughout the evening. This display is partnered with the Maker Expo activities.

Kwartzlab | @kwartzlab | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St


ACE is University of Waterloo's premiere open co-ed a cappella group. We pride ourselves on having a diverse mix of passionate singers who just simply love to sing and have a good time with each other. As the largest group on campus, we like to use our big sound to entertain audiences through our dramatic, fun, and unique arrangements at various gigs and at the uWaterloo A Cappella Club End of Term Concerts .

City Centre Stage 10:30pm-11pm

@uwaterlooace | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

KW Vintage Games

Come on out and play some Duck Hunt! Check out our selection of items for Father's Day.

KW Vintage on Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Music Is My Weapon Youth Performers

Tristan, Samuel and Advokat are 3 up and coming artist in the Waterloo Region. These artist have come together to bring you an acoustic showcase filled with original and cover songs.

All young artists and musicians deserve to create and share music. Music Is My Weapon’s is a community based program in the Waterloo Region whose focus is to help enrich, enhance, engage and develop the arts and culture within the community. These youth took part in Music Is My Weapon' Mentors Program in the winter of 2015.

Music Is My Weapon | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Jessie Treneer

Jessie Treneer is a bright, new, young, talented, artist/songwriter that has jumped into the music industry. Her natural vibrato, controlled vocals and signature style is evident to all audiences. She's captured awards such as Peoples Choice and Genesis Music Awards in Kingston, first place in the Kix 106.7 songwriting competition in Kitchener, second place in the Aurora Hoedown Showdown and placed in several other vocal/songwriting competitions across Southern Ontario. With her FACTOR funded first album being released early 2016, she'll be an artist you'll want to keep an eye out for.

Jessie Treneer | @jessietreneer | Facebook 

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Rebekah Stevens

Rebekah is a country/pop singer-songwriter currently residing in Kitchener, Ontario. Coming from a musical family, music has always been in her blood and passion she has always pursued. After posting videos of herself singing a variety of both covers & original songs on YouTube, Rebekah was contacted by a producer through her YouTube channel wishing to work with her, thus jumpstarting her musical career. As well as being a Boots & Hearts 2013 Emerging Artist Finalist, Rebekah also recently released her debut EP "Here I Am" which is available on iTunes now.

City Centre Balcony Stage 11pm-12am

Rebekah Stevens | @RebekahSMusic | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Andrew Maranta

Andrew Maranta is a singer/songwriter who plays eclectic folk music centered around complex fingerstyle guitar work. He aims to evoke dream-like imagery with his lyrics backed by intricate acoustic guitar arrangements. He draws influence from a variety of musicians including Sufjan Stevens, Bruce Cockburn, Ben Howard, and Andy Mckee.


4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Kultrun World music festival at Summer Lights

Neruda Arts’ Kultrún World Music Festival is the Waterloo Region’s only family friendly celebration of diversity featuring local, national and international artists, all-ages interactive activities for kids, workshops by professional artists, storytelling, performance art, a food and craft market, Boathouse beer garden and after-parties and lots more.

Get a taste of Kultrún - we'll be playing music, drumming and giving you a sneak peak of the July 9 to 12 festival.

Neruda Arts | @NerudaArts | Facebook | YouTube

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Drew Ripley

Inspired by an early childhood trip to Las Vegas, Drew Ripley shares the imagination, whimsy, and joy created on stage during his formative years. He is driven by a passion for people and the laughter of others entertaining full time as a professional Balloon Twister.

Drew Ripley | @drewripley | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St


Scrabble, on the street! Don't forget, "Z" is worth 10 points. Large size sacrabble that won't disapoint!


4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Juneyt Yetkiner

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Juneyt is it self-taught and has been playing flamenco guitar for or 10 years. Drawn to the passion and raw emotion music, Juneyt started playing alongside many well-known musicians in his career. He has performed as a studio guitarist on for more than 15 albums, and atnumerous festivals in Europe,Asia, South America and North America (Rib-Fest Cambridge, Millrace Festival, Waterloo Streets Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival etc. to mention some) He has built his career as a professional musician playing in and around Kitchener Waterloo and the GTA Area.

Juneyt | @juneyt

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St


Join LSPIRG in a visual scavenger hunt throughout the festival! Every entry submitted via Instagram or Twitter will result in an entry for a chance to win gift certificates to local businesses. Watch submissions projected in real time. 

Based out of Wilfrid Laurier University's Waterloo campus, the Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization that operates autonomously from the university to uniquely serve both students and community members. LSPIRG empowers its members to foster social justice by providing learning opportunities, access to resources, and avenues for action.

LSPIRG | @lspirg | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

HQ & Check-in

Are you a volunteer or programming participant in this year's festival? Check in with us at the HQ at the Casablanca storefront at King and Young. Space generously donated by Denzil.

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Katy Taylor Warren

Katy Taylor warren is a singer songwriter that plays regularly in Kitchener and Waterloo with fellow musicians and co-writers, engaging a crowd with an acoustic homey feel. The character in her voice is unique and distinctive and her song writing style is both authentic and beyond her years.

At the King St Boathouse stage, 8pm to 9pm.

Katy Taylor Warren | @_katywarren | Facebook

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Straws and Connectors

Take a trip in your imagination with Straws and Connectors. Build a boat, design a rocket, create a raft or construct a fort. The straws are flexible; the connectors can join 6 straws together at 90º angles. Build upon someones design or make your own creation!

 Tweet your photos to #slfstrawsconnectors or @summerlightskw

Supplied by Roylco.

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Mike Elg

Mike has been playing music in the area since 2000 when he moved here for school - whether in a bar, coffee house or on a big stage.

Facebook | @mikeelgYouTube


4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Matter of Taste Coffee Bar

Dedication to the arts & crafts of coffee. Because good taste matters. Your community coffee since 2004.

Staying open late during the festival, so come on by!

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Snacks on Wheels

Don't want to move to get snacks? No problem! The snacks will come to you. Our snacks will be on Central Fresh Market carts and will be found all over the festival. Remember that Central Fresh Market is still open during construction. Shop local!

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Saturday Night Knit-In

Come check out downtown Kitchener's knit boutique! Bring a project and listen to Brittney's presentation about our favourite hobby and/or lifestyle--REBEL KNITTING.

8pm to 11pm

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Play-Dough City

Re live the fun you had as a kid making characters, buildings, and mini cities with play-dough. We will leave it up to you, stop by and unleash your hands to make something with the play-dough. Remember play-dough is for creating not eating!


4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Pop Up City

Pop Up:
1. Appear or occur suddenly and unexpectedly.
"Random, fun, and thrilling shops can pop up from time to time"
synonyms: appear (suddenly), occur (suddenly), arrive, materialize, come along, happen, emerge, arise, crop up, turn up, present itself, come to light; informal

2. Show up
"you never know when excitement is going to pop up"

4 ) KING ST - Ontario St to Young St

Malarkey Tours

Malarkey Tours will intrigue you, envelop your senses, and make your brain hurt while learning and laughing.