What's Happening 2015

Looking for photos of Summer Lights Festival 2015? Check out snaps from Brent Wettlaufer and Al Doerksen.


Brent Wettlaufer

Brent Wettlaufer will be out and about the night of the Festival doing what he does best -- capturing amazing moments on the street. Brent is an official SLF photographer.

Brent Wettlaufer | @BrentWettlaufer


Al Doerksen - Photographer

Al Doerksen is one of the Summer Lights Festival's official photographers. He has travelled and/or worked in around 95 countries. A true street photographer, his primary interests are people, their activities, their lifestyles, their costumes, their interactions their food, their tattoos, etc... keep on the look-out for Al!



Grand Social

Grand Social will be sharing the story as they discover and Ignite the Night.

Grand Social | @grand_social | Facebook | Instagram


Snacks on Wheels

Don't want to move to get snacks? No problem! The snacks will come to you. Our snacks will be on Central Fresh Market carts and will be found all over the festival. Remember that Central Fresh Market is still open during construction. Shop local!



Chalkthoughts is striving to provide high quality chalk art photos and to inspire people of all ages to “create art anywhere”. Look for Chalkthoughts during the festival and don't forget to submit your Chalkthoughts.


Chalkthoughts@Chalk_Thoughts | Facebook


Folk Myths of Kitchener: Videopoems

Collaborate with Kitchener Artist in Residence Janice Lee for the Folk Myths of Kitchener videopoem project! By writing new folk stories that are enchanting and celebratory, Janice will create a mythology and magic surrounding our city. She want to discover stories and write poems that create a sense of wonder about our city. Speak lines of poetry on film and be a part of the magic.

Check out Janice Lee on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.