What's Happening 2015

Looking for photos of Summer Lights Festival 2015? Check out snaps from Brent Wettlaufer and Al Doerksen.

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Mary Baldasero

Mary McCullum Baldasaro’s love of language, voice, and story find natural expression in teaching (French as a second language), storytelling, acting, and playwriting. She is a regular teller at Stories Aloud in The Story Barn and has performed in schools, libraries, at the Toronto Storytelling Festival, Latitudes Festival, and Heart & Hand Festival.

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

UW Improv

UW Improv makes everything up completely on the spot... and that's exactly the point. Improv is all about working as a team to create a new story and a new world, based on suggestions from our fabulous audience. No two performances are ever the same!

UW Improv Club | Facebook

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St


Get yourself inside the THEMUSEUM for the Altekrea Marché vendors, projections, music and beer!

8pm - Rhythms in Steel Band

9pm - Tim and Éric

10pm - Safe as Houses

11pm - Ragged Suits

12pm - Sammy Duke

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St


ACE is University of Waterloo's premiere open co-ed a cappella group. We pride ourselves on having a diverse mix of passionate singers who just simply love to sing and have a good time with each other. As the largest group on campus, we like to use our big sound to entertain audiences through our dramatic, fun, and unique arrangements at various gigs and at the uWaterloo A Cappella Club End of Term Concerts .

City Centre Stage 10:30pm-11pm

@uwaterlooace | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Rhythms in Steel

"Rhythms in Steel" have been playing for about 2 years as a four piece Steelband  in Waterloo Region. Its members include Lisbeth Haddad on the tenor pan, vocalist Wendell Claxton on double seconds, Carol Taylor on the guitar pan and Karen Asumang on djembe. Its repertoire has a Caribbean flavour: reggae, soca, calypso and folk songs of the Caribbean. They  group performs at Parties, Churches, Retirement homes, Schools, Community Festivals and Fundraising Events for Charities.

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Kréa Marché (by Altekrea)

Kréa Marché is a collaborative effort between Altekrea and Summer Lights to bring together the best of creation in a dynamic event as part of Summer Lights 2015. Kréa Marché will be a fantastic night of music, food, drink (Boathouse) and interaction all within an art market. This dynamic event will occur in THEMUSEUM, one of the region's greatest cultural hubs. 

Whether to watch artist hopefuls pitch in a mini contest, purchase a unique creation, listen to tunes or enjoy a drink, Kréa Marché will have a little something for you!

Mini Pitch Competion - 8pm-8:45 - Watch Artists tell you in 3 minutes about their work, and see if they win $100!

Sammy Duke and Miroki Tong - 12am-1am - Amazing one man band Sammy Duke and Miroki Tong will represent Altekrea with their inspired work.

Projection 8pm-1am - A rotating projection of images and videos that highlight Altekrea.


Check out our local artists and vendors! Books, poettry, ceramics, clothes, crafts, posters, prints, jewellery and more!

Vanessa Ricci-Thode

JJ Pottery

Divine Grace Designs

S. James Curtis

Dymond Designs

Super-Chi Studios


Sean Chappell

Kit Daven


Sphinxfalcon Designs Custom Jewelry Studio

Kim Flynn

Malcolm Klimowicz


Altekrea | @Altekrea | Facebook

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

The Living Room by The Walper Hotel

Come check out the Living Room, a place to sit and intimately listen to local artists. You will feel right at home in style with The Walper furnishings, freshly brewed coffee from TWH Social and a warm and friendly atmosphere. You may even see some cool work on the wall.

The Walper is an SLX sponsor and our preferred Hotel partner for our artists, backyard stay-at-home getaways and out of town guests.

At the Walper on King Street

8pm - Andrew Maranta

8:30pm - The Woods

9:30pm - Mary Baldasero

10:30pm - UW ACE

11:30pm - JP Magic

@walperhotel @twhsocial_KW

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

INVUZE™ Trivia

Fun and interactive, INVUZE™ Trivia tests the knowledge of participants. Trivia questions appear on public screens and audiences use the mobile devices to answer in real time.

INVUZE™ | @invuze

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Juneyt Yetkiner

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Juneyt is it self-taught and has been playing flamenco guitar for or 10 years. Drawn to the passion and raw emotion music, Juneyt started playing alongside many well-known musicians in his career. He has performed as a studio guitarist on for more than 15 albums, and atnumerous festivals in Europe,Asia, South America and North America (Rib-Fest Cambridge, Millrace Festival, Waterloo Streets Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival etc. to mention some) He has built his career as a professional musician playing in and around Kitchener Waterloo and the GTA Area.

Juneyt | @juneyt

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Sammy Duke

Known for his “amazing and diversified talent” (Velvet Rope Magazine) and his “indomitable stage presence” (The Ontarion), multi-instrumentalist Samuel “Sammy Duke” Dlugokecki has performed as a reliable session-man for several years. In 2013, he began experimenting with a contemporary one-man-band setup, playing 5+ instruments simultaneously. Sammy will be recording and releasing his debut full-length album in 2016.

Sammy Duke | @sammydukemusic | Facebook

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Tim and Eric

Tim and Eric play original compositions as well as some interpretations of well-known French singers of different styles and cultures.

Check them out on YouTube.

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Berlin '95

Berlin '95 brings a 21 Century twist on traditional, authentic German Food to the Summer Lights Festival.

Food truck locations subject to change.

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Write Your Own Story

Write yourself into the story of this year's Summer Lights Festival. Just one word can change the entire adventure! You bring the ideas and we will provide the means to produce it.

The Record@wrcommunity | Facebook

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Journey Through the 90s

Relive the 90s through to the Y2K. Interact with articles about pop culture and predictions of the future. Take pictures of your favourite memories from one of the best decades of our past.

The Record@wrcommunity | Facebook

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Tic Tac Toe! Chalk thoughts Style!

Tic Tac Toe Battle!   Grab some chalk and join the battle!

Remember to sign your name if you win and make a new game for the next person!

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Eventpeeks - Check out what everyone is chatting about on 2 large screens

Check out the live Summer Lights Festival social media wall powered by Eventpeeks. Send your pics and tweets to #slfkw !

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Simply Sounding Good

Summer Lights Festival features two local talents with two turntables and a love of music! Esan and Dave are the masterminds behind SimplySoundingGood. They have been deeply involved in music their whole lives and have recently turned to sharing that enthusiasm with live audiences. Thier love of music and creating fresh sounds is what has established SimplySoundingGood and is met with a foundation sound influenced by soul, R&B, hip hop, house and anything that gets the spirit moving. 

SGS are part of the Fresh Fade Back To The 90's event at the KW Symphony Conrad Centre.

@SimplySG | Facebook | SoundCloud

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

An Evening with The Woods

The Woods is sometimes a music ensemble, sometimes hand drumming from around the world, sometimes harmonies and strings. It is sometimes, funny, sometimes pithy, sometimes profound, but it always based on the ancient, timeless and modern Art of Storytelling. Legends, myths, folk tales and personal stories. Intrigued? Come check us out!

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Fresh Fade Back To The 90's

Remember your first Nintendo, Sega or even Atari. Well, we're taking over the KW Symphony and throwing you back to the 90's with a classic video dance party. Come experience the music, culture and happenings of everything dope in the 90's. Right? Awesome. Hide your kids and tell your wives cause this party is going to be super RAD!

At the KW Symphony.

Loop Clothing@loopclothing

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Snacks on Wheels

Don't want to move to get snacks? No problem! The snacks will come to you. Our snacks will be on Central Fresh Market carts and will be found all over the festival. Remember that Central Fresh Market is still open during construction. Shop local!

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Super-sized Chess

What's better than chess? Giant chess. Test your skills on a larger scale!

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

Bedazzling Boathouse Beer

Come to THEMUSEUM to try a hand-picked selection of amazing Boathouse beer.

The Boathouse | @kw_boathouse | Facebook | Instagram

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St


Directly or indirectly, through conversation we impact the thoughts and actions of those around us. This piece explores the process of colliding ideas and how they can alter the course of events. Is it the loudest voice or the voice of reason that determines the outcome? This piece boldly challenges the viewer to “Make their Point” by becoming part of the conversation through sound integration.

At the Conrad Centre.

Minds Eye Studio Art@mindseyestudio | Facebook | YouTube

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

KOI Fest Acoustic Tent Stage

KOI Fest will be hosting an acoustic tent stage. Performances will be from local artists and groups along King St. With the street closed down a beer garden will take over part of King St. Come enjoy a brew and some tunes on King St.

@KOIMusicFest | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

1 ) KING ST - Queen St to Ontario St

My First Music Lesson

KWS musicians will give short music lessons to those who wish to try an instrument - from young children to adults, everyone is welcome!

@kw_symphony | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube