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Garment Street Hub

King Street from Francis to College

Accommod8u Hub

King Street from Water to College

Share the Love Hub

King Street from College to Young and City Hall

Young Condos Hub

Young Street and Forsyth Lot

City Centre Hub

King Street from Young to Ontario


Roamers & rovers.

Young Condos Hub


Ask her about: her most recent travels


Domini will be your Hub Leader. Host Domini!

She can point you in the right direction, suggest a great place to eat, chat about all things Summer Lights and tell you a good joke.

Domini is a talented, kind, thoughtful, strong women. She is passionate about her community and everyone in it.

Tonight she will use her skills to Lead a Hub like no other Hub Leader has ever done before.





 8:00pm-9:00pm  Nicolette and the Nobodies            
 9:00pm-10:00pm  Onion Honey
10:00pm-11:00pm  The Kramdens
11:00pm-12:00am  Thorn and Roses
12:00am-1:00am  Transit Lounge



Share the Love!


Wondering how to support the festival?

1. Stop by SLF Headquarters and buy a bracelet (various colours, some glow in the dark) - HEADQUARTERS IN FRONT OF CITY HALL

2. Take a Photo at the SLF Photobooth (with special guests - all proceeds go to SLF)

3. Thow in some money to our Thank You Bucket

Every little bit helps! Every little bit matters!

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We rolled out the paper..


We rolled out the paper. True Story. We rolled out a big roll of paper for you to draw, write on....




Jen is a cosmetic chemist that travels around North America giving presentations about sustainability in cosmetics and 'clean beauty'. She is the founder of The Eco Well, a Waterloo cosmetic business focused on education operating in the natural cosmetic industry.


Jump in!


Jump in, watch or be an audience member who yells out a suggestion. Join UW Improv Club in all sorts of improv games, similar to the hit show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' and laugh together at the insanity we create and the inevitable bad puns that get made.

All ages welcome and no experience required!

WARNING: Laughter can cause serious side effects: like distorted bellies, peeing of your pants, snorting sounds, loss of reality, deep love for the person standing to your left, love of sloths, dangerous laughter rashes and dislocated funny bones. Also, no politicians allowed in this area, due to the lack of politicians having a sense of humour.

UW Improv Club cannot promise a bad time, and will not be responsible if you so choose to head the warning and enjoy yourself. UW Improv Group.

8pm-9pm UW Improv Group will be roaming

9pm-1am they will be setting up shop along Young St in the Young Condo's Hub.


The UW Improv Club is all about having fun and making stuff up! We meet once a week to play all sorts of improv games, similar to the hit show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' and laugh together at the insanity we create and the inevitable bad puns that get made. We also form a competitive team every semester which focuses on more advanced improv techniques and building stronger scenes. This team also travels to other universities to compete in improv competitions (including one we host right here in Waterloo)! We've also recently started holding workshops to teach some of these skills, so people can confidently create hilarious and entertaining scenes. If you're interested and want to know more, check out our facebook page! Our club did this a few years back, but I'm pretty all those who were involved have since graduated, so this is going to a be new experience for most of us and we're super excited about it! (So the club has technically been involved with the SLF before, but its current membership hasn't)



A menu that encompasses everything we love about our home and native land!

P.S. As them about their NEW location. Welcome to DTK You Crazy Canuks!

Cash please!

At The Crazy Canuck we take pride in offering delicious, fresh food and amazing, friendly service. Inexpensive, delicious, and extremely friendly staff. You will definitely be coming back! 2 locations-www.thecrazycanuck.ca



Transit Lounge finds catchy covers that translate sweetly -- and sometimes unsuspectingly -- onto ukulele and bass.                                                                                      A few originals thrown in for good measure, too. Transit Lounge will ease you into the early morning hours.

Cynthia Kinnunen, ukulele & vocals; Ben Coulson, bass, ukulele & vocals


Summer Lights


This projection is all Summer Lights.

We will be showing off the people making Summer Lights happen, like Andrin who is a Presenting Partner.

We will also share some important details about the night!

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Make your own music!


Everything but the Kitchen Sink. We added some pretty cool items that together can make some pretty sweet music.

No experience needed. Tap away and listen closely to hear the music.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to play together.

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF



x/o's using Hearts & Stars


A straight line of three that's how we do it!

NOTE: This is the same as an X's and O's game-we switched it up to share the LOVE under the STARS!

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF



Pull up a chair and enjoy a game or two!


Lot's of games to play with family, friends, or new friends.

Great way to meet people and play cool games!

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF



Skipping under the stars!


You decide- Single? Double? or Dutch?

Grab a rope, jump with friends and meet new ones!

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF



Paddle your way on over to a great game of Ping Pong.


Ping Pong under the stars! Grab a paddle, play with friends or jump in and meet your neighbours. 

Two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small bats.

Some fun facts:                                                                                                                                                                               

The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.  (you knew that right?!)
First played: 1880s Victorian England
Highest governing body: International Table Tennis Federation
Olympic: since 1988
Team members: Single or doubles

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF





Pop in and pull a piece out, add one to the top....all in good fun!

WARNING: Super Size Jenga can bring out some serious reactions. Such as a feel of "rush" when you pull out your piece and nothing falls. Some people are known to have sudden fits of "screaming" when it all falls down. 

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF



Tic Tac Toe Bonanza!


Play a Tic Tac Toe and chalk a Tic Tac Toe for your neighbour.

How many Tic Tac Toes can we fit on Young St?

#slfKW  #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF



Young Condos Stage


Onion Honey brings the best of folk music, with some juicy sweet sounds of the banjo, scrumptious fiddle, mandolin, washboard and that beautiful fluffy double bass. They harmonize like a sweet lily bird on a hot summer night is Lousianna. Don't be achin' that you missed the likes of these folks, be there or be square.


Onion Honey Band: 

Dave Pike, Esther Wheaton, Keenan Reimer-Watts, Leanne Swantko and Kayleigh LeBlanc 

Onion Honey makes folk music, sharp and sweet and mixed in with banjo and mandolin, washboard and double bass, fiddle and warm five-part harmonies. It'sa recipe for a great time and good for what ails, home-cooked comfort food for the ears. Dave Pike, Esther Wheaton, Keenan Reimer-Watts, Leanne Swantko and Kayleigh LeBlanc play new-time traditionals, old-time originals and all-time favourites: mountain music as heard from the Grand River Valley.


Young Condos Stage


Nicolette and the Nobodies make some sweet music that sounds like country western with sugary additives.


The Band:

Nicolette Hoang- Vocals & Guitar, Emma Howarth-Withers - Bass, Nicole Gulewitsch -Drums,  Daniel Paille- Guitar, Ian Bain- Guitar

Nicolette & The Nobodies is a Guelph-based country western band, fronted by Nicolette Hoang featuring members from the Fury's and Softside. They've been working on their own set of tunes for an upcoming EP, Devil's Run, to be released this year. Nicolette Hoang- Vocals & Guitar, Emma Howarth-Withers - Bass, Nicole Gulewitsch -Drums, Daniel Paille- Guitar, Ian Bain- Guitar


Young Condos Stage


 Thorn and Roses-a three-piece band with powerful vocals and intricate instrumentation.

This trio brings a unique, toe-tapping mixture of country, classic rock, and pop to their high energy performance.

The Band:
Janna Le Duc- guitar/vocals. Jay Riehl- percussion/vocals. Katie Korfmann- fiddle/vocals.

Thorn and Roses is a three-piece amalgamation of powerful vocals and intricate instrumentation. This trio features a blend of uncompromising three-part harmonies, unique arrangements of country, classic rock and pop standards, and an energy so abundant it promises to have audience members on their feet from the first note to the very last. Janna Le Duc- guitar/vocals Jay Riehl- percussion, vocals Katie Korfmann- fiddle, vocals


Young Condos Stage


The Kramdens are flying in from Guelph to bring their rock stylistics that will Ignite the Night.

WARNING: Be prepared to block the stage, so The Kramdens don't finish their set.  They are just that good.

Welcome to the KitchenerLoo Kramdens! Shake it like we do here in The Big K. 

The Kramdens are
Steve Knox - Guitars
Robert Leader - Drums, Vocals
Craig Norris - Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Ostler - Bass, Vocals
Michael Plater Findlay - Guitars, Vocals

The Kramdens are a 5 piece band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Started in 1990, the band has released 5 studio albums, been broadcast coast to coast, has performed extensively, including performances on national television. The Kramdens are fronted by CBC Radio Host, Craig Norris. The Kramdens are Steve Knox - Guitars Robert Leader - Drums, Vocals Craig Norris - Vocals, Keyboards Mike Ostler - Bass, Vocals Michael Plater Findlay - Guitars, Vocals


Let the Rhythm be your Guide.


Enjoy the sounds of the Funga Drummers. They are tucked away in the Young Condos Hub-along Young St for an intimate experience.

Dance, sing, or sit back and relax-up to you.



The Funga Drummers are a West African-inspired drumming group who were drawn together through the love of African rhythm, drums, and culture. Seeing them in action, whether performing or hosting a workshop, it's obvious how much they enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of rhythm with others.


Listen to the Colour! Memorizing!



 lightsweetcrude is a multi-faceted project in the tradition of the collectives, and what curator/art historian Adam Lerner calls "hybrid forms" of the psychedelic era. The project's origin involved a mandate to fuse North Indian ragas with Western forms, and has evolved from those musical roots to find the projection of "colour" - the definition of the Sanskrit root verb for "raga" - and an exploration of its effects on human beings, to be a going concern.


Beavertails and Poutine-Oh My!


Famous BeaverTails, Pastries and Poutine. Yummeh.

Enjoy your food, music, games, beer and so much more in the Young Condos Hub.

$$ Cash and Debit $$

Take a selfie enjoying your food or a photo of your food and share it at #slfKW #SLF18 #sharetheloveSLF

Pastries and Poutines


Summer Lights Ice Cream!


Cool Down with some delicious ice creamy treats!

Take a selfie enjoying your food and share it at #slfKW #SLF18 #sharetheloveSLF

We retail - Visit our Tasting Room at 141 Whitney Place in Kitchener. Our door is around the back of the old Bonnie Stuart factory building. Currently, we’re open Friday-Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 12-5pm. Click here to read more about our Tasting Room. We wholesale - Our choice to be a licensed dairy facility was important for two reasons: to make ice cream from scratch and to wholesale our ice cream to other small businesses around KW! Currently, we have retailers, farms, breweries, restaurants and caterers that stock our ice cream in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford, Conestogo, and more. If you are interested in stocking Four All Ice Cream cubes for your business or becoming a satellite scooping location, contact Ajoa at letsconnect@fourall.ca


You tried swat, until you have tried SWAT Food Truck! (No bun intended)

Swat Food Truck is a staple at all Summer Lights Events because it is so yummy and the owner is one funny man.

Stop in, order up and tell Paul a joke. 


WARNING: You will enjoy the food so much. you may come back for seconds.

Enjoy the grub, grab a beer and pull up a chair in Young Condos Hub.

Take a selfie enjoying your food or a photo of your food and share it at #slfKW #SLF18 #sharetheloveSLF

Philly Cheesesteak burgers, pulled pork, back bacon, sausage, hotdogs, chicken fingers, poutine, fries, onion rings, Montreal smoked meat and more!


C U P C A K E S this way!



Our signature treat, called a la mode,  is a combination of a full-sized cupcake and a serving of ice cream.

$$ Cash, Visa/MC $$

Take a selfie enjoying your food or a photo of your food and share it at #slfKW #SLF18 #sharetheloveSLF

When baking only top quality ingredients will do – resulting in superior taste! Sweet Temptations Cupcakery is committed to our local economy and community. We are working to grow our network of local farmers and producers to use, where possible exclusively Wellington County ingredients such as fresh berries and eggs. Locally produced ingredients are not only sustainable for our environment but support our community.


Authentic Indian Food


This is where you will be delighted by authentic Indian food that is tantalizing, aromatic and super delicious.

MENU: Check out the website to get a sneak peak. 

$$ Cash, Credit and Debit $$

Enjoy JASHAN-E-DAWAT, with a beer or pull up a chair and listen to some music. 

Lot's of options in the Young Condos Hub.

Take a selfie enjoying your food or a photo of your food and share it at #slfKW #SLF18 #sharetheloveSLF

Ashan-e-Dawat, the Food Trucks name has a whimsicality that betrays the perfectly executed cooking that you will have ever tasted.


Cookie Dough. (we have nothing else to say)


6 flavours of raw edible safe-to-eat cookie dough.

You gotta have chocolate chip like you gotta have vanilla ice cream. *like, oh. my. god. this dough is such a basic b@tch

natural peanut butter dough + roasted peanuts + bean to bar chocolate + butter toffee pieces
squirrel food. all the nuts. super nutty - but classy af

ginger spice dough + molasses gingerbread swirl + candied ginger bits
CAUTION: this ginger may snap...like most redheads

chocolate dough + bean to bar semi-sweet + bittersweet + milk chocolate
that's 4, count' em FOUR chocolates
conveniently, the precise number of chocolates required to form a squad

naturally coloured swirly pink and purple dough + natural rainbow sprinkles + sparkly things (also natural) 
*throws glitter* *hair flip. *applause*. dramatic pause. *applause

maple dough + Elmira maple tart filling + candied bacon + toasted pecans
pretty much a Canadian salad.
mounties. beavers. healthcare. oh my.

Take a selfie enjoying your food or a photo of your food and share it at #slfKW #SLF18 #sharetheloveSLF

$$ Cash, Debit tap, Visa/mc, Apple pay, Google Pay and Amex $$

Cash. Menu subject to change.


Hosted by Hold The Line Festival


We at Hold the Line are all for getting creative when it comes to city planning within the boundaries of the Countryside Line, and we want to see how creative you can be, oh citizens of Waterloo Region!

Equipped with (1) a giant Etch A Sketch, (2) a heart full of YOLOs, and (3) the use of a single line, can you help us design our new logo as we gear up for this year's festival?

Hold the Line is a small 'nonprofit-that-could' made up of artists, community builders, sustainability advocates, and Waterloo Region enthusiasts. We love the farms, towns, and natural spaces that make up our countryside, and the walkable shops and restaurants that make our downtown cores exciting places to work and play. Our purpose is to celebrate the Region of Waterloo's history of protecting our farmland and environmentally sensitive areas by protecting the integrity of the Countryside Line, the border that delineates the extent of development and urban sprawl. We truly believe that a stronger line means more vibrant cities, more delicious food, and better living!


Pull up a chair and enjoy a beer in the Abe Erb Tent.


This is the spot. You can enjoy a beer, some grub, play some games, listen to music and be in the middle of everything.

Beer makes everything better!

Local Craft Brewery, Beer Shop and Eatery in the heart of Waterloo and Kitchener. Serving up fresh brews and food. Live music on weekends.