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Roamers & rovers.


Just a person and his banjo!


James will travel with his Banjo all over the Summer Lights Festival.

Stop and ask him about his airplane or Johnny Cash.

James will also be doing some super secretive Pop-Ups.

WARNING: His banjo playing has known to cause large crowds to follow him along as he strolls down King St. This is a direct side effect of the mesmerizing sounds of the Banjo.

P.S. Take a selfie with him or capture him in his natural habitat (banjo in hands) and share it at #slfKW #slf18 #sharetheloveSLF




Be ready to be entertained!


He started doing magic when he arrived from Mars as a little boy. Alright, alright I'm joking. He was never little. When he was seven his uncle showed him a crazy, simple card trick and it blew his mind. He asked his uncle to show him how it was done until he crumbled and showed him the trick - He was hooked. He learned to juggle when he was fourteen, the rest, as they say, is history. He loves what he does and his goal is simple: go out and make people smile and everything else will take care of itself. Humour is a universal factor, and a person's smile has the same value whether you are a millionaire or a kid from the projects. JP has performed in Trinidad, Tobago, and the United States. Every summer he tours Eastern Canada and goes to local fairs, market, shows, or gigs that he can. He aims to travel the world and will do a show where ever there is an opportunity!


Summer Lights Official Photographer


Al has an amazing eye, he captures the festival and the community in a beautiful-unique way.

Summer Lights counts him as Family and we are proud/honoured he is back for year 5.

Al, also enjoys when two strangers meet, chit chat and he gets to capture the moment thru pictures.


If you see him, ask him about Mexico or his work in our very own backyard-DTK.


Al Doerksen is a street photographer - well known to the streets of Kitchener Waterloo - who thoroughly enjoys the friends and strangers he meets there. He publishes a daily photoblog.



Michael Francis will a Roving Magician at Summer Lights with some Pop Ups. 

He loves audience participation, so don't be shy-step up and be part of his show.

Expect the Unexpected from this Guiness World Record holder and guest magician at Montreal's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. 

When you see him, ask him about the Rubik Cube.

Michael Francis is a two-time Guiness World Record holder and guest magician at Montreal's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. Michael Francis does it all. He will entertain you with his amazing illusions and make you laugh with his unforgettable performance. Check him out at MichaelFrancisMagic.com


Connecting you and the story!


The Summer Lights Series with KW Tonite.

Watch LIVE as KW Tonite will capture the people, the places and things at Summer Lights Festival using various formats.

Find KW Tonight on the street.

What happens when a vibrant and influential DTK summer festival teams up with an arts & culture online magazine?

All kinds of awesomeness, that's what.

This year, KW Tonite is teaming up with the Summer Lights Festival, a unique event that brings together all the best parts of Kitchener-Waterloo for everyone to enjoy. 

This is the Summer Lights Series with KW Tonite.

KW Tonite is an arts & culture online magazine that celebrates the vibrant creative community in #KWAwesome!


SLF Roving Photographer


Bryce is our resident photographer who will be roaving the Summer Lights Festival.

If you see him, ask him about his dog and his trip down East.

Share your photos #slf18 #slfKW #sharetheloveSLF

As a photographer, he loves to capture the candid moments that make up each person's day. B.M.K.H. Photography offers professional photography services for weddings and other special occasions. Owner and main photographer Bryce passionately captures the finest moments of your big day. He uses a contemporary style of photography to capture all those heartfelt moments.



Urban Sketchers will be popping up all over the Summer Lights Festival.  You can follow them along, watch as they put what they see down on paper and learn about urban sketching.

Don't hesitate to chit-chat with the Urban Sketchers of Waterloo as they sketch, and they will be happy to share their love of what they do.

We are the local chapter of the worldwide organization of urban sketchers. We sketch from life and try to capture a scene as it unfolds in front of us. Typically we use pencil, pen and watercolour.